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Media Training



How you deal with journalists can have a powerful impact on your reputation and significantly influence the way a story will play out in the public eye.

We start simple and build you up until doing interviews, public speaking and addressing staff and stakeholders becomes second nature. We’ll teach you to address an audience with confidence and authority, whatever the situation.

From how to stand, where to look and what to wear. To the big stuff; developing and delivering a statement, and the most effective way to get your message across.

We’ll put you through your paces in front of the camera, using years of experience developed behind the scenes. We know the secret tricks journalists will use to try and trip you up. Make your mistakes with us, not in the public eye.

All our clients are trained to be subject matter experts for print, radio and television, so you can use the news of the day to further boost your profile and sell your brand.

Sports Media Training


Good media skills for professional sportspeople aren't a luxury, they are a basic necessity to protect and promote yourself and your club across all media.

Our tailored media training for sportspeople will shape your brand and help you better connect with fans, increase your marketability and enhance your value to your club.

Our interactive workshops will show you how to look more comfortable, confident and relaxed on camera, allowing your personality to come through. We also teach you how to shape a compelling media message without sounding like a robot.

And in an era of 24/7 social media where one negative comment or controversial picture can damage personal and club reputations we teach sportspeople and clubs the do's and don'ts that will allow you to take advantage of the positive opportunities while protecting you brand.

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