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Crisis and Reputation Management


What you do immediately following a damaging story in the news will determine how the media following the story and the public react.

Getting it right straight away can turn around public opinion and your personal or business reputation, faster than you lost it.  

We’ve built our strategies and plans on decades of experience in the media industry.

When a crisis hits, we’ll act immediately to manage the media on your behalf, provide expert advice, write statements and direct the roll out of social media, messages and spokespeople.

In many cases, with expert preparation, we can prevent the issue hitting the media at all, or significantly lessen the blow if it does. Don’t wait until the crisis hits to find someone to help you. 

Once we’re with you, we’re always with you. And we’re on-call 24/7, because the news cycle never stops.

When the crisis has passed, we focus on rebuilding your brand in the public eye with a long-term plan for success.

We offer specialised Crisis Media Training, tailor made for your company. We teach you how to front the media quickly and confidently, with little information as the situation unfolds around you.


Intensive practical sessions and real-life emergency situations will help prepare key spokespeople and executives to handle the toughest situations with confidence.

Video Content
Media Strategy


Make an impact and grow your followers on social media with engaging and interesting videos that are worth sharing.

The right video speaks a thousand words, and will keep generating publicity for your business long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

We also generate visual content packages for media distribution, including interviews, overlay, time lapse and drone footage.

We’ll find the stories, you just keep doing what you do best. 

Media Relations


We know how a story, product or issue will be received by the public and media, and the best and most compelling strategies to get you the most exposure, without wasting your time and money.

Whether it’s a product, idea, area of expertise or research, we’ll get you in the public eye, using our inside knowledge and media contacts.

We’ll work with you to create a strategy for maximum media exposure, including video and photography packages, preparing key spokespeople for interview and all written materials. We’ve got the contacts, you provide the expertise.

And we’re no one-hit wonder. We’ll create a long-term plan to get you where you want to go.

Litigation PR



You don’t need a new product or service to get publicity. HeadlinePR specialises in uncovering the positive stories you didn’t know you had, and getting them in the public eye. Every organisation has an interesting story to tell.

But if you do have something new, we’ll get it in the news.

We’ll draw on decades of journalistic and editorial experience, and the best contacts in the media, to package your product into a story newsrooms will want to run.

Come up with the idea, and leave the rest to us.


Litigation PR

We specialise in Litigation PR, and will help protect your brand and reputation should you find yourself the subject of a court case. As media coverage of court cases and the law has intensified, so has the need to have a media specialist by your side. Negative publicity about a large business or personality can cause irreparable damage that even a courtroom win won’t turn around.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a family facing the media for the first time, we will help get your message heard and ensure balanced media coverage by presenting your argument and message to the public.

Business Meeting
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